Own Time.

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Jun 26, 2013 in Adventure, River

Rabbit Vs Gopher

Dear Campers,

Do you own your time or does the time own you?  All work and no play will make your life go away!  How to balance: work, play, garden, family, friends, passion, love and community?  The thing is…it takes time to figure this out!  Here are a few pieces of intel from the frontline of this struggle:  1) combine as many pieces of your time pie as you can…make your passion your work, work for your community!…play with your friends… maybe love your cousin?(one less family reunion!)  2)  Time is not a straight line…try imagining it more as a spiraling sine wave with ups and downs…round and round.  3) Don’t fight time: flow with it like a river…eventually it will take you where you want to go.  4)  Limit or eliminate “hang me” overs….nothing worse than wasting a day with a self induced headache…and if your gonna have a few, stick with non chemical brews or make your own!  5) Eliminate distractions: It wasn’t that long ago that I actually spent hours at a time watching the “state team”, day after day, week after week.  When one season ends, a different  season begins = no matter what team wins you lose time!  (Funny how this team watching goes with #4 on the list.)  Besides watching and listening to games, I was prone to renting stories…five for five or seven for seven.  Watching seven movies in a week!  Yikes!!!  Would love to have that time back.  Let’s make our own damn stories! 6) Lastly, it comes down to if you really want to own time: own your screens!  It’s so easy to fast forward the clock in front of a screen and there are plenty to choose from, now days.  I’d much rather be with the trees than with the screens and with that said, I’m out of here!

Peaceful wishes,



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