Last call to harmonize?

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Apr 30, 2013 in Action

Dear Campers,

Are you able to find any PEACE these days?  It sure seems like we are experiencing an on slot of challenges and disaster.  It’s pretty easy to get over whelmed with this chaos and fear, but at the same time we are drawn to this pool of pain, just to feel SOMETHING!  The taste of powerful feelings is intoxicating, so maybe we dive in, only to find that the current takes you under!  Why and what are we searching for?  Why do we feel so empty and incomplete?  WE HAVE been duped into believing that happiness comes in the form of paper, so if you wanna be happy you best get a job!  What!?  Nothing wrong with doing what you love, to improve yourself or your surroundings, but don’t fall into being a slave for this phony charade that has gone on long enough.  All the while we chase around the rat wheel; we are disconnected to the real source of all life:


The greatest deception humans have ever experienced is this seperation from source.  We have been convinced so thoroughly that human bodies are flawed, chemicals are better and corporate science knows best.  Through this conditioning we willingly destroy the very home under our feet!  Our destruction of the planet Earth IS complete insanity.  There are no excuses for US.  We have only ourselves to blame and WE are the only ones who can change course.  The sinking ship is large, but it CAN be turned around.  It may take a lifetime or two, but we best get started now.  Every decision we make from how we live our life to who and what we support is the way to HEAL the wounds and live in harmony with this place.  There is peace to be found in the natural world, just step off of the rat wheel and try it!


Yours always,





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