Smokey’s Debut!

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Mar 24, 2013 in Dorthy Fix, Music

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Happy New Year!

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Dear Campers,

WE MADE IT.  Here we are at the Vernal (spring) Equinox 2013!  You may be growing tired of this ^crazy^ man telling you to set your intentions for the year NOW, but I have learned from experience that if you do; they will very likely come true.  (So be careful what you wish for dears!)   YOU HAVE the POWER to over come in your thoughts, actions and feelings.  So often we give this power to others: media, doctors, schools, churches, governments and all the other bullies on the block.  Ha!  Why do we do this?…because it’s easier to do what you’re told and not be free.  From the very first minutes of life on this amazing planet our conditioning begins.  This system is passed down from those who were trained before US; by those who were trained before them and so on.  It is time to end these cycles of deception and destruction!

May our paths and intentions cross this year!

Much love always,


P.S. Only 6 months left until Barter Fest September 21st, 2013!


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Leon Boots record in the works!

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Mar 10, 2013 in Music, Recording

Dear Campers,

Work continues on the new Leon Boots record which the cards are saying will be released sometime in 2013.  Darin & Aaron have been writing & playing music together since before they were old enough to drive and in the early days they would travel to practice by boat across the lake.  Over the years these boys have shared multiple projects including amazing bands like: “Aaron America” and “United”.  We feel so very fortunate to be assisting with the Leon Boots project.  I have posted a few works in progress from the new album at:


2013 has already been one hell of a year and we’ll be to the Spring Equinox in 10 days!  Do you have your intentions ready for the ancient new year: the Spring Equinox?  Trust me: this is the REAL time to set your goals for the year.  Together let’s keep the magic flowing!  Our gifts and abilities are growing stronger day after day and if we join forces; there’s no telling what we can create!   As always, so glad to share this experience with you.

Yours always,




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