An Update From the Trail

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Jan 31, 2013 in Action

Dear Campers,

As we come to the end of Capricorn into Aquarius 2013, I can’t help but feel rebelliousness stirring within! After living through the “end days” of the past couple of months; I am growing tired of the endless fear propaganda.  Our time here is short.  Many have came before us and many will follow.  It is up to US to make the most of this short time without leaving the place a dump.  Unless you were born as some kind of Tarzan in the woods, raised by mother nature herself; you have been conditioned to accept the designed reality that has been presented to you.  For myself it has taken many years to realize that there is nothing wrong with questioning this existence!   The process of transformation is a long and gradual trail.  At times the scale of the deception can become overwhelming.  When you come to these places, along the trail, it is helpful to know that you are not alone.  Push ahead and reach out to others.  Together with your combined perceptions, you may discover a path that will take you to higher ground.  Don’t forget: when it comes to this incredible vessel that is the human body; the equation is [crap in=crap out]!  Be very carful of what you are ingesting both physically and mentally.  The more you cleanse yourself of these built up toxins, the more abilities you will rediscover.  Possibly the largest benefit of a properly working body is that you will once again be able to trust your instincts.  This is very helpful when wading through rivers of waist high bullshit!

Much love to you!

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