Ants in my hot box?

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on May 3, 2010 in Gardening

The ants have infested our cold frame/hot box.  We should be gnawing on fresh spinach and lettuce right now, but instead here I sit an ant hater.  Do you think anyone has ever domesticated an ant eater?  I probably should have countered their offensive when I first noticed the little buggers sawing down the purple cauliflower like the settlers of Hewitt took down the white pine.  I guess maybe it was the hippy in me that thought everyone could co exist in the cold frame.   Lesson learned:  when it comes to your food, sharing only happens after the harvest.

Tomorrow I will try to destroy the ants with corn meal and coffee grounds.  So far the 50/50 concoction of water & apple cider vinager doesn’t seem to do anything but stink up the cold frame.

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