Good Energy Holiday

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Mar 29, 2009 in Uncategorized

News from Camp,

Nothing but a flood of love here after Mr Derek, Miss. Sandra and Senior Voodoo’s  holiday at the Abandoned Scout Camp.  Much was shared, discussed, learned, taught, barked, tossed and enjoyed during their visit.  Here Miss Sandra teaches us about prairie drop seeds while Jimmie teaches about down spouting:

drop seeds & down spouts

It was sad to see our good friends head down the road.   We look forward to our next time together.

In other news:  work continues on Nic Garcia/Dorthy Fix 7″ collaboration.  Watch for track updates soon.  The song “Let That Bridge Burn” by Nic Garcia is being recorded and mixed for our friend Caity’s new film:  “Hidden Hearts”. Also, Miss Amber is scheduled to have her very own show at the Isle Market & Deli in Minneapolis in June.  I think that she should have an opening for this show, but she needs convincing, so please help convince!

Hearts & Thoughts 2 U!


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LuLu, Stella, Adrianne + Garcia come for visit!

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Dear Campers,

Hope you have been soaking up the vitamin D rays on this fine day.   Yesterday and today, A.S.C. had their first visitors in quite awhile.   Mr. Nic Garcia & Adrianne along with miss LuLu & Stella came up from the big city to do some recording.  Sadly, this is the first recording that has happened in “the hall”, but we promise that it won’t be the last.   Check out this track by Nic Garcia:

Seasons Swallowed Them Whole

Garcia in the hall

Garcia in the hall


Nic layed down basic guitar and vocal tracks.  The plan is for DF to add some parts, so the project can be released on a 7″.  We can’t wait!  It was sad to see their van head back to city.  Both the cats Carmel & Gilbert are still shedding tears.  Tears of sadness or tears of joy it’s hard to tell?  Spring is in the air campers!  The question is:  What project to do first?  Work on and work it out is what I say.

Love to you,

R. E. Cook


News from camp

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Dear Campers,

As you can see the frost is starting to thaw at the Abandoned Scout Camp.  The bi-polar bears are coming out of hibernation.  It won’t be long now…good things will be a plenty around here at camp.  Stay tuned!


Ralph E. Cook

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