The Cusp of What I Am

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Jan 2, 2017 in Day Gun
I am the arctic wind on a moonlit winter’s night.
I am the warm summer breeze lakeside in the shade. 
I am the shattering quake sent to bring you to your knees.
I am the long smooth rock you lay across to soak up the Sun.
I am the funnel cloud nightmare from your childhood dreams come true.
I am the lift in your kite that takes you to new heights.
I am the cracked and blistered drought ridden valley floor.
I am the moist fertile soil where seeds sprout and trees grow.
I am the dust devil that blows up your skirt.
I am the breath used to ignite the fire from the hot bed of coals.
I am the catch for all sprayed poison on its way to the rivers.
I am home for fungus and food for the worms.
I am the rolling thunder soundtrack to your lovers quarrel.
I am the gust that frees the milkweed seeds from their pods.

I am molten lava violently released to build mountains and islands.
I am the solid bedrock used to anchor skyscrapers.
I am the place where you lay your graduated loved ones to rest.
I am the whisper prayer of thanks for this life.


Day Gun


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Supernova of the Heart

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Nov 1, 2016 in Day Gun


Conquered and discarded.
Thank you Great Teacher.
Generations of volatile love patterns
now broken.
A Heart sacrificed for my ancestors and children.
There are rules to the Dream in this realm
even gods like us must obey.
Our Love exists in a parallel Universe,
may we meet there someday.
Day Gun




“Take a Walk on the Wild Side”!

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This Saturday…

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Love Well

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Our Love is Powerful

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Hey You Moon I Love You

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To the Heart

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Aug 19, 2016 in Day Gun


My Love is a rocket.
With no helmet or seat belt, I ignite.
Coordinates —> the heart of your sun.
Like a moth in the dark, I risk all to be with your light.
Like a fool on the run, I lift off no return in sight.
Just for a chance to soar through the heavens with you LOVE.
Day Gun



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Perham = Perm

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Aug 9, 2016 in Day Gun



As I sat sipping on my butter coffee, staring at my pathetic tiny toast, a sound cracked in the sky like a dying rabbit’s scream followed by the smell of the Tuffys plant blowing in through the window…

The smell reminded me of the time I cried as I child when my mother came home with a perm for the first time.  I remember saying something like; “Why did you wreck your hair, it’s ugly!”  Just what she wanted to hear.  I imagine.


Day Gun

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A Parallel Realm of…LOVE

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Aug 7, 2016 in Day Gun



The entrance is closer than you think.
Fear locks the gate in and opens the gate out.
This place appears dangerous, so many leave.
I wait for you here, I am not afraid.
Day Gun


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Clearest Green Eyes

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Jul 23, 2016 in Day Gun


If you were here right now I would kiss you.
No, first I would hold you and then I would kiss you in one…fell…swoop.
Sounds nice.
But what if my kisser no longer works?  Yeah right.
What if my intuition fails me?
Can’t deny the morning dove sign or your clearest green eyes.
Day Gun



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A Message from the…

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Feb 25, 2016 in Day Gun


You are blind, small & young.
We are old, wise, in disguise; witnessing the demise of your many lives.
You run around having no REAL fun – dumb.
No worries, someday you’ll leave and we’ll still be…


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It Happens

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Jan 27, 2016 in Day Gun


I live on a deserted island.
There are others here, but without you…
this realm -> deserted.
It takes me all night to get to you in my dreams and when I do our conversation is easy, as always, but then I awaken.
Some days when I look at the Sun I know you are too.
Some days when I look at the Sun I imagine your boat crashing on my shore with a knock at the door…
what happens next devours all that ever existed.
I can’t tell you how long I’ve been here.
Day Gun





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September 30th DEADLINE to Comment

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Sep 25, 2015 in Action

Dear Campers,

September 30th, 2015 is the DEADLINE to comment on ENDbridge’s proposed revision of line 3, the tar sands oil pipeline.  Send your comments to the Minnesota Public Utilities Commission at this email address:  jamie.macalister@state.mn.us.  Under the subject line of your email, put in docket PL-9/PPL-15-137 and PL/CN-14-916.  Below is the comment letter that I submitted on September 25th, 2015.

Ground Water Map

To Whom it May Concern,

I am writing to comment on the “Certificate of Need” and “Route Permit” for the Enbridge line 3 oil pipeline replacement project.   The validity of this comment and review process is more than questionable after the unanimous vote of support by the Minnesota Public Utility Commission for Enbridge’s Sandpiper oil pipeline project earlier this year.   I choose to share my thoughts and perspective on this attempt to create a oil pipeline corridor through the region in which I live, in hopes of inspiring others to comment as well.  Not all Minnesotans are willing to sell out the long term livability of our home for short term profits for a foreign corporation.  After listening to debates, attending meetings and following this important matter for over a year, here are some aspects of these oil pipeline projects that I would like to point out:

1.  Water is more valuable than oil.  At a time when other parts of this country and world are literally starving for clean water resources, here in Minnesota we live amongst over 10,000 fresh water lakes and wetlands.  Many of the lakes located along the company’s proposed route for the pipeline corridor are some of the cleanest, least polluted lakes in the state.   If one takes a look at a ground water map of Minnesota which shows the sensitivity of areas to contamination, it appears as if Enbridge intentionally chose a route for their pipelines through the most sensitive areas in the state.

2.  Creating more pipelines only increases oil companies’ capacity for profit, which does not justify the risk posed to Minnesota’s clean water resources.   The idea of creating more oil pipelines to alleviate congested railroad lines is a misconception as oil companies use these two transportation methods:  rail and pipeline; to access different markets for their product.  Most of the oil shipped by rail ends up on the coasts of our country, while much of the oil that would pass through this pipeline corridor would end up in Superior, WI or Chicago.  Oil companies are going to ship their product to the places where they can make the most profit, so adding more pipelines will not necessarily eliminate the congested rail line problem.  Since the recent decline of oil prices, if you pay attention around the state you will notice miles of parked oil train cars.  It is time to slow down, take a step back and see how we can make the process of transporting oil safer for everyone, including the environment.   What appears clear to me is that the explosive “trade secret” chemicals used in the fracking process should be eliminated completely or extracted before transport.  Along with removing the explosive chemicals before transport, the train cars used to transport oil should have double hulls to eliminate the chance of leakage during a derailment.  Any pipeline built in Minnesota should use a similar double hulled technology.  Rather than over produce oil which saturates the market, we should encourage the scaling back of dirty “fossil” resources as the move is made to renewable energy options.  

3.  Why would oil pipelines ever be permitted to run through unaccessible wetland areas that would be nearly impossible to ever clean up?  Enbridge’s stated response time to an oil spill is upwards of 60 hours. Can you imagine watching a ruptured pipeline leak oil into a river for 3 days straight?  Another argument for the creating the pipeline corridor is the jobs that the project will create.  Most of jobs that this project would create would be short term, so why not route the pipeline through southern Minnesota where the soil isn’t nearly as susceptible to contamination.  The southerly route proposed by the Friends of the Headwaters would keep the builders of the pipeline employed longer, protect the more sensitive areas of the state from oil spills and create a route for the pipelines that would be more accessible when there is an oil leak.

After the recent ruling by the Minnesota Court of Appeals requiring a full Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) on the Sandpiper pipeline, the Line 3 replacement project should have it’s own expanded environmental review to study the effects of transporting  corrosive tar sands oil across the state.  What a foreign corporation has proposed here is a pipeline corridor running through the heart of Minnesota’s lakes and wetlands.  It is our job as custodians of the land to protect it for future generations.  We must not allow the livability of our Minnesota home to be sacrificed in the name of  profits for the oil industry.   The oil fracking industry will leave western North Dakota an uninhabitable wasteland and if we don’t speak up and pay attention these oil pipelines could do the same to our beautiful Minnesota home.



Michael Dagen

Hewitt, MN





Dorthy Fix Minneapolis Show Aug. 24th

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DF in DL at High Noon on Mothers’ Day!

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Empower While Paying Attention.

Posted by Ralph E. Cook on Apr 12, 2015 in Action, Barter Fest

Dear Campers,

Now that we are past the spring equinox 2015, I would like to share a few thoughts and intentions.  The connections we made through hosting a Barter Fest the last five years are truly incredible.  We couldn’t have asked for more support from our family, friends and community who all participated in creating this great event.  Thank you to everyone who helped us make an amazing Barter Fest in Hewitt a reality!  While we have realized that it is time to retire this Barter Fest, we are hopeful that others may light a similar fire in their community.

Barter Fest 2013000_0012555433_1417421675148190_1595686078_n

At some point we all come to a crossroads in our life, but luckily we still have the freedom to choose which path to take.  Each and every day we are presented with opportunities to change our ways.  The path that I have chosen for the new year is a path of empowerment for myself and those around me.  No longer will I stand by watching others disempower themselves and I challenge you to do the same!

map of consciousness

Our life path can be perceived as a two way street.  In one direction we slowly destroy ourselves or willingly allow ourselves to be destroyed.  Surprisingly enough, this appears to be the paved and easy road, the one most traveled these days.  Why would a society choose to promote and indoctrinate such a direction?  Profit & control.  As long as there is money to be made by people getting sick, there is no incentive to stop creating the causes of illness.  As long as we are overworked, unhealthy and distracted, we will not pay attention to what is really happening to us and our world.   Notice the scope of frequencies on this map of consciousness that you take in by watching the nightly news on your “tell-a-vision”!


It is possible to empower yourself and those around you.  At first, this trail appears to be an uphill climb.  The portage this way is long and hard, so you best ditch the extra baggage and self hate you’ve been carrying around all these years.   Once you are free from self loathing, you can start to forgive those who have done you wrong.  It is helpful to consider the cycle of patterns that have been placed over you by family and friends during your upbringing.  These patterns can be passed down from generation to generation, but you do have the ability to the break these chains once and for all.  Once you have broken free, you have a responsibility to help those around you do the same.  When deciding what to eat, how to spend your time or who to hang out with, ask the question; does this empower or disempower me?  As you strive to change direction in your life and our world, know that you are not alone in this effort.  Our time here is short, so we best make the most of it!  Together, may we leave behind a legacy of more beauty, truth and love!



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